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Natural Remdies For Night terrors/restlessness

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Drihan has suddenly having restless nights. We still co-sleep so we are right there when she gets upset and comfort her. She has also started having what appears to be nightmares and last night she was having a nighmare and saying "No, Sissy all gone. It happened, she's all gone" and we felt horrible that she thought something happened to her sister. Does anyone use calmes forte for babes and have you had any luck? Or hav you used anything else to help with anxiety during the night?
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hi mama
DD had night terrors. i read here to keep body temps from getting too high. also that they are more likely to happen when kids are over-tired. both were true for us.

i also read to try to "interrupt" her sleep BEFORE she had a terror. this helped too. well only for the early sleep hours while Dh and I were awake. basically we gently work her from sleep every 15-30 minutes or so (they would happen quite frequently).

HTH, i know how terrible it is
We use Calmes Forte with great success, they have one that is a specific sleep formula too.
My daughter of 13.5 moths, does the same thing ....kinda... the only difference is that her muscles twitch while she's asleep...I don't know why!...but I hope it's normal..sometimes she also cries while she is sleeping...and may wake up a couple of times a night.....could this be normal?.....By the way what is Calmes Forte? and where can I buy it? This is the first time I hear of this....
Chamomilla and Chamomile might help to destress her prior to sleep. Half strength Chamomile tea with dinner as a wind down and maybe three pellets of Chamomilla/Chamomile homeopathics prior to sleep and when she wakes. Massage prior to sleep might help, or even talking to her when she is having a nightmare. She is not conscious but she will pick up on the soothing nature of your voice and your intent.

I hope that your little one is ok.
Nightmares happen during sleep, night terrors occur in a different stage that appears to be awake or sort of zombie-like. Dd has had both occasionally and we found Rescue Remedy to be very helpful. I put a drop on each wrist and rub them together.
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