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Natural remedies for a sick toddler

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My 17-month old isn't feeling well today. He has two molars coming in which I think are partially to blame. Last night he didn't sleep well and wanted to nurse constantly. At one point he would only sleep if I let him lay down on my chest. This morning he has a raspy voice and is coughing a lot. My ped. has always told me that baby cough medicine doesn't do much good. Is there a natural remedy that I can use for him, if not to completely heal him than just to make him feel a little better?
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Try sitting with him in the bathroom with the hot water running in the shower. The steam really helps, as will a humidifier. My 22 month old DS has been plagued with respitory ailments and I have been at a loss to find natural remedies that really do any good whatsoever. I have to say though that I have found some over the counter cough and cold medicines to be beneficial for occasional use, especially at night. Decongestants can sometimes make kids irritable, but if they can't breathe they are irritable anyway. I have been desperate to try to help DS with natural remedies but when he gets this clogged (he's been sick for four days) and has a cough, we use western meds sparingly.

Good luck,
P.S. Make sure he drinks lots of liquids to help thin out the junk in his chest
My NP ped gives Owen Wise Woman Herbals Cough Elixir 2 (
and it seems to work well.

I'm guess the nursing will make him feel best of all.

I miss it.
Another possibility....Hyland's has the homeopathic line of medicine...I know they have a Honey Cough Syrup and the Teething Tablets can be very helpful with teething pain.

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