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Hi all,<br><br>
My 3.5 yr had emergency surgery late Friday night due to a ruptured appendix. He was sick all week and it took us a while to rearelizelize it wasn't the flu. The toxins were released into his abdomen causing a significant amount of infection. So he will be hospitalized for at least 7 days.<br><br>
Its hard for a natural minded mama to watch them pump antiboitics, morphine, something to help his nausea. All I can think about is how I'm going to help him heal from all of this when we get home.<br><br>
I will of course continue with healing ourselves with food (green smoothies, lots of raw veggies). But is there something else I can do? I know there are lots of veggies out there that specifically help clean the liver, I think celery and beets.<br><br>
I would love any suggestions! Thank you!
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