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Natural stimulants needed ;) lol I know

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I have narcolepsy and currently take ritalin....its not working as well as I'd like it to...seeing some post on foods that can make adhd kids hyper or foods that would calm them down got me i wish coke and chips did wake me up but...sigh.

anyone got any suggestions I'd love to get off the drugs and manage my illness naturally or more naturally.
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There's an herb called rhodiola - I'm pretty sure that's the spelling - I think the form I buy it in is called "rosavin". I take it, and I have found it to be energizing. Here's a random link I got from google, and although I didn't read the whole thing or have any idea who wrote it, it gives some general info on it.

I started taking it because I was in the health food store one day, just looking at the shelves of supplements, and one of the ladies who worked there started up a conversation about it. She said she was just starting to take it, because she'd asked someone (a mutual acquaintance) what was her secret for being so energetic at the age of (I forget how old the lady is exactly, but much older than I took her for, maybe over 80 years old). And the lady told her she'd been taking this herb for some time, and believed it helped her with many different aspects.
I'll have to check it out!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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