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Natural sunscreen ????

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So, I am curious if there is a natural sunscreen on the market? If not are there any remedies or herbals for natural sunscreen? The idea of smearing my body with chemicals is yucky, the idea of skin cancer also yucky, actually burning very yucky (although apple cider vinegar spread on will "cure" it in about 12 hours). So, wise mamas, any information?


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We use an organic lavender sunscreen called Sun made by Alba Botanicals.

The first few ingredients are organic green tea, lavender (good for keeping those pesky insects away!), chamomile, etc. It has a spf of 30.

I buy it at our natural grocery store.

Jason makes a good sunscreen, that's what we use. I have to order it online, we live in a fairly rural area with no health stores nearby. But I imagine Whole Foods or other such places would carry it.
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I don't know how much truth there is to this, but the lady at our natural foods store told me the other day that sandalwood is a natural sunscreen.
Here's my post from the Natural Home board

Not all sunscreens are loaded with chemicals-
We have one that is all natural- here are the ingredients-

All Natural Sunscreen
SPF 25+ in a 4 oz. flip top container --- this sunscreen is great for the entire family. No fragrance is added. Loaded with natural ingredients that provide sunscreen as well. Luxuriously moisturizing, as well as protective. Contains Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Buckthorn, Zinc Oxide (all natural sunscreens). Octyl Methoxycinnamate --- derived from cinnamon, and may help prevent genetic damage caused by the sun --- provides more protection, by absorbing ultraviolet light. Also available without Octyl Methoxycinnamate

We've used it for over a year and it's great!
If you go to a larger health food store, you'll find there are many chemical-free sunblocks but you need to read the label if they don't have a chemical-free label on the front. Alba Botanicals makes several but their chemical-free one has a big label on the front. I use Terrra Essentials (regular or waterproof) and there are several European brands that make it as well.
I read the other day that if you (an adult) take 1 gram of Vit C for every hour you are out in the sun, you will not burn. You may get red, but you won't burn.

cool, huh !!?

From this website
Ive been told carrot juice and other raw foods provide natural sun protection

also wanted to mention that some of the natural sunblocks contain parabens which arent so great for us.

sunsalve is a nice product that we use also, its herbal
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