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natural toliet bowl cleaner?

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What can I use to clean my toliets? I guess we have hard water (I know we have a lot of lime in our water) because we get a big round ring around the hole in the bottom of our bowl. Sno Bowl is the only thing I have ever found to take it off (other brands don't work at all). I am going as natural as possible but haven't found anything to get the ring out yet.
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Pour white vinegar in the bowl - let it sit for 15 minutes. Then pour some baking soda in the bowl - it'll foam for a bit, then scrub with a scrub brush.

After this, you can use plain baking soda.

You can also use Ajax - Ajax has a lot of baking soda and very little bad stuff (compared Comet and other cleaners).
yes i second the v & bs thing!! a store-bought one that i love using is ecover's tb cleaner- smells like xmas trees!
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I've been using Seventh Generation and it works great. I tried the baking soda and vinegar in my bowl, but it still left some crud behind. Sev Gen took care of it all. I'm not sure how not toxic it is, though...
I hate to say it, but I have found NOTHING that cleans my toilet bowl well enough for me.. and I found that some cleaners seem to allow mold to grow very quickly after I clean. I have tried: 7th Gen, Ecover and a couple others that I can't think of the names. The toilet is the only area in my house that I still use conventional cleaners ( the rest of the bathroom is 7th Gen and Simple Green), even though they are super toxic, I am sure... But I don't have anything else to do!! I think we have hard water too. So if you have the same problems as me, good luck!!
Borax overnight -- I swish, leave it, swish again in the morning (if it's not used during the night), and voila! Clean bowl. =)
We have hard water, too, and it leaves a bad ring. When I first started using V&BS, it didn't get the toilet very clean. So, I used the gross chemically stuff to get it sparkling and now I just brush it out every few days. I keep the toilet brush right beside the toilets in their container and if I see even the slightest ring I brush it off. Then once a week I use a good amount of BS&V and it works. HTH!

Originally Posted by amygoforth
I've been using Seventh Generation and it works great. I tried the baking soda and vinegar in my bowl, but it still left some crud behind. Sev Gen took care of it all. I'm not sure how not toxic it is, though...

Yep, this works for us too.
Well, depending on your definition of natural and depending on your reasons for using natural products (eg. I use naturals because of the environment, not because I think they are less toxic) one of these three sugestions may meet your needs.

Coca Cola- not natural, but not too toxic. Works because it's acidic.

Muratic acid- definitly toxic and scary to handle, but it's a normal chemical which BURNS RIGHT THROUGH any metal stain.

Hydrogen Peroxide- Toxicif swallowed, but I don't worry when it touches my skin , definitly ok for the environment. Works because the extra oxygen atom on the water molecule breaks apart the hard calcium molecule.

Now that I wrote the three it seems that Hydrogen Peroxide seems the clear winner. Just pour ~1/2 bottle in toilet and let sit, it should fiz, scrub and flush.

I like vinegar too, but without baking soda for this job since only acidity is needed to break apart the metal molecule causing all the problems.
Most of the time I just sprinkle with bs & scrub with a brush. But I also get a rust or iron ring (I'm not sure which it really is?) So I got a pumice stone from the hardware store. When it starts to show up i scrub it with that. I read that in clean home clean planet. It dosn't scratch because it's softer than the toilet & it works wonders, no toxic chemicals needed, just elbow grease!
Rust is iron oxide. So you have both!
Im not sure how natural it is, but I use Method (from Target, haven't seen elsewhere here.) I use the bathroom cleaner. Oh, it smells so good and the bottle states non-toxic. I don't have it right here (it's in my new house!!!) or I would list the ingred. I just spray a few spritz. Clean house (I thoroughly clean every Thurs or Fri, then scrub with toilet brush. I worry about toxicity (which is more important to me than enviro safe, but I think this is both). I want my ds as far from toxins as possible. I am even converting to organic food...Yay me!!!

Methods website:
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