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Haven't been on here since the first year of my last child, so it's been a few years.

I'm 14wks now with #2 and have gone through 3 courses of antibiotics to try to kill ureaplasma, but the tests keep coming back positive. My husband was treated as well and we have been careful not to reinfect him.

Has anyone been diagnosed with Ureaplasma and had it during an entire pregnancy? My doc has recommended extra vitamins and acupuncture to try to inhibit the bacteria. Does anyone else have a natural treatment that worked for them or has gone through something similar? I'm also on 100 culture probiotics.

Before this pregnancy I hadn't taken antibiotics for a whole decade! My doctor gave me the only two that were safe in pregnancy, but I guess they weren't strong enough.

My most recent tests on the baby says that he/she is doing fine, but I can't help but worry since this bacteria is probably what caused some miscarriages/secondary infertility for me in the past.

Anyone out there in the same boat or had ureaplasma in a previous pregnancy?
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