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natural treatment of staph infection?

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My brother had an unsuccessful tooth implant six months ago and has been sick since that time. He recently went to an ear, nose and throat specialist who said that the dentist punctured through from his mouth cavity to his basal cavity and that he has a staph infection in that passage. My brother does not wish to take any more antibiotics - he has been on a few rounds of Z-packs. He is open to herbs and supplements and energy medicine, but unfortunately during this time of a compromised immune system he also had a tentanus shot. From what he has told me he has been taking large doses of vitamin C and has recently been inhaling cayenne pepper into his nose, has been using a heat lamp on his nose to induce fever like bacteria killing conditions, and I am not sure what else.

On the top of my brain, I have thought of him using oil of oregano, perhaps topical iodine (suggestions for usage?), collodial silver (again, haven't used this one myself and unsure of procedure), ingestable clay to help remove bacteria . . . he is allergic to garlic. Any other natural antibiotics or suggestions??

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Thank you for your great suggestions.

As far as ginger root, for many months my brother has made a large batch of fresh ginger tea with lemon each week and drinks it over a week's time. I don't know how much potency is lost in that time. He also takes milk thistle.

Would you suggest just eating a lot of raw onion? He's got a Vitamix to make various concoctions with. Also the infection is in his nasal passageway - any suggestions for applying aloe or tea tree oil there??

I really appreciate the input.
You can get silver in a nasal spray bottle. I would try that! Or if nasal sprays freak him out, it also comes in a dropper bottle as well.

Plus, make sure he is getting a good probiotic!

Google manuka + mrsa
I know it sounds hard to believe that honey could clear staph - but I hear ofit happening all the time.
Personally, I'd request a prescription for 10-14 days of clindamycin in this situation.

I'd also do whole food probiotics.

Basically, the gut is 70-80% of the immune system. It all starts with nutrient-dense foods, effective digestion (with adequate stomach acid), absorption of nutrients (in the gut with balanced microbials), and detoxification of the chemical byproducts of foods and environmental toxins by the liver, with adequate bio-available nutrients to support the detox pathways.

I would do whole food probiotics, cod liver oil, magnesium, vit. C, zinc, coconut oil, bone broths, green juices. Support the immune system.

Basically, you have to heal the gut to strengthen the immune system. Check out the "Healing the Gut-cheat sheet".

This is my "Cliffs Notes" version for healthy guts.

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Some anecdotal info about natural treatments:

I know lots of ppl find goldenseal very effective in tooth abscesses - I would consider putting some in a neti pot perhaps.
Tell your brother the following,

Goldenseal Root, take 2 3x per day for 10 days.

Treat it like an antibiotic, don't drink, etc.

Goldenseal will heal him up quickly and painlessly.

The Berberine in Goldenseal is amazing.,...check it out here..

You can read about Goldenseal a bit on wikipedia.

I swear by it and was raised by a Mama who used it

instead of antibiotics, quite successfully, I might add.
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