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Naturally scented wool wash/lanolizer?

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I know there's Eucolan, and the really nicely smelling WOW bars, but what else is out there on the web for wool wash/lanolizers that are scented with purely essential oils, not artificial fragrances???

And something other than lavendar, I have everything smelling like lavendar already:LOL
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L.A.M.B. bars from Fabriconnection are a personal fave of mine, and Jessica scents with EO. Doodlebottoms also has three scents that are scented with EO -- they are listed separately from the ones that aren't. The Sweet Orange is one of my favorites.

I think Northern Essence has a few natural scents, too.
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is there any EO scented lanolin anywhere?
You can get the liquid WOW wash and the EeZee Lanolin Spray scented with EO (some of the scents are EO, some not -- see the drop down box) at Monkey Sudz .

I don't know of anyone else that sells scented lanolin. Maybe someone else will, though.
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ooo, lanolin spray. I've been wanting to try some of that. I think I might ask the wahm from monkey suds for a unique blend of EO...
Kookaburra! I love it and it smells really fresh. It has tea-tree oil in it but I don't think that is really what it smells like.

She can scent her wool wash, lanolin, and spray with any of her scents, including a great variety of EO's. I am in
with the new liquid wash!
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monkey sudz is great!!!

I don't like the way the "other" store says negative and derogatory things about their competiters. I will never be shoping there.

I would go with monkey sudz I just recived my order and I have to tell you, it was so awsume, I recived 3 free things, a pen, a sliver of wow bar, and a soya lip balm.
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I just got a little lip balm sample from monkey sudz along with my order from sugarplumbaby (I think, I got so many packages that day:LOL) It smells delicious, but I'm a bit leary, personally, of using FO on myself. I'm a truely organic lover

the suda and dudz place has EO blends that sound great... citrus blend, nutmeg blend, chamomile/lavendar blend, tea tree blend, etc...
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I just got some sudz and dudz spray lanolin last week it is awesome, smells and works like a dream. The wahm also sent a sample bar of wool wash and it works and smells great too. I am definitely a fan!! I almost want to lick my wool it is so yummy
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