Oscha's ring slings are ethically made using organic and responsibly sourced yarns.
Oscha's beautiful ring slings can carry your little ones from infancy onwards.

There are countless reasons why so many moms swear by baby wearing. Ring slings, a popular choice for baby wearers, are designed to help you carry your infant with ease and comfort. They allow you to walk freely while your little one snuggles comfortably against your chest in tune with the rhythm of your body.

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Whether you're running errands or hiking trails, ring slings keep your babies safe and comfortable while contributing to their emotional and mental development. They're particularly good for babies who want to be up and down frequently as the simple ring mechanism allows for speedy tying.

Oscha's ring slings are extra special.

Hand-crafted in Scotland, these slings are ethically made using organic and responsibly sourced yarns. All their wraps, slings and carriers come with detailed brochures and instructions, which help to ensure your baby is cradled optimally (meeting the new CPSC safety standards). Worn on either shoulder, these ring slings are available in two styles: Highland Pleat Shoulder and Gathered Ring Sling Shoulder.
The Highland Pleat Shoulder was developed by Oscha back in 2010, inspired by one of the oldest Scottish kilt designs. The symmetrical pleats move away from the center of the sling, ensuring your baby's weight is evenly distributed while molding perfectly to your shoulder for an elegant look. This particular one - the Oscha Skye Tartan Ring Sling - is made with 100% combed cotton.
The Gathered Ring Sling Shoulder is unstructured. The fabric is gathered directly through the ring, allowing you to spread the fabric easily or throw it over your shoulder. This particular one is the Caledonia Braes Ring Sling, densely woven with an organic combed cotton and linen mix.

Oscha's in-house design team comes up with sling designs and collections based on trends, customer feedback, and of course, their own imagination. Oscha collections have natural, whimsical themes, honoring Mother Nature's magic and beauty.
Wrap yourself in the warmth and blissfulness of Oscha's Winter Solstice collection. It's inspired by the current climate of the Northern Hemisphere, where in the midst of this darkest time, there are celebrations of warmth, light and life brought into the home, as we begin to move back towards the sun. The colours in this collection extol a time of ice, frost and long, crystal-clear nights.
One of our favorite collections is Middle Earth, inspired by the wild imagination of J.R.R. Tolkien. The collection features shawls, slings and blankets in whimsical designs that transport you to the land of hobbits and elves.

Oscha is a family-run business, set up by father-daughter team Mike and Zoe Masters. Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, Oscha is the first jacquard woven sling company in Great Britain selling everything from baby carriers to coffee mugs. The company takes pride in its innovative, high quality craftsmanship.
Oscha's love for the environment goes way beyond its designs. All of its products are woven in the United Kingdom and manufactured in Scotland. They recycle two thirds of their waste and use solar panels in their workshop to reduce energy consumption. To top it off, the staff fridge is always stocked with organic milk delivered fresh from a local dairy farm.

Not only do they sell baby carriers, Oscha also actively supports the babywearing community. They work with over 100 sling libraries and 300 certified consultants, midwives and doulas across the globe. They donate $25 from every Visaya wrap or ring sling sale to Habitat for Humanity, helping provide housing in areas affected by poverty.
Founders Mike and Zoe Masters come from a long line of baby carriers. Their clan has carried little ones for generations. Mike carried Zoe, and now Zoe carries her own three children. It is no surprise that this father-daughter team have taken the sling world by storm.

If you're interested in owning a gorgeous sling of your own, visit the Oscha website.