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Naturopathic Doctors in the Olympia Area?

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Does anyone have a reccommendation for a naturopathic doctor in the Olympia area? I would very much like to start seeing one, but do not have any idea how to begin looking for the right docor. My family has been slammed with illness after illness this winter. First its a cold, a week later the flu, then another cold, and now yet another cold! We have never been this prone to illness in our lives, and I am hoping a naturopath can help is figure out the problem.

Any reccommendations or warnings would be much appreciated!
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Hi There! ( first post on MDC finally!)

I've been seeing Suzanne Adams. Well, I had my first visit about a month ago anyway and go back on Monday for my next. She's the first NP I've seen so I've got nobody to compare her to but I really really liked her. The first doctor I've ever seen who actually spent an hour talking with me! I saw her on the recommendation of several of my friends who just raved about her.

By the way, we are on what seems like our 15th cold this year. And I maybe get one per year normally (but I've been blaming the kid).


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