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Naturopathic psychiatrist?

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That is the title I would like to have someday, but
1. I'm just starting college
2. Any heavy duty coursework like ND school would wait until my children are much older
and most bothersome...
3. I don't think the title exists

So as I plot out my college studies path I'm looking to pick your brains as to combining natural health and psychology, people who are doing it now, or books, organizations, methods of treatment, colleges, courses, titles, careers... anything you think might be of interest.

(BTW I'm in WA state, which for titles and careers stuff makes a difference)

Right now my rough sketch is to pursue being a marriage and family therapist, (an MA) then go to ND school 20 years or so from now when my children are grown, and spend 'retirement' running a non-profit, research oriented, sliding scale, mental health clinic.
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My psychiatrist didn't have such a title but his wife owned the herbal dealie shop next door to his practice and they were very much into the all-natural approach. I figure that even if you don't have such a title that if you are more into the natural approach, word will spread? Sorry, I'm not much help!
There are natural treatments for mental health, but many of them are in infancy study-wise. Orthomolecular medicine (a term only created in1968, that's how new it is) has shown the most promise, IMO so far with major issues like schitzophrenia, and what I'd love to study--a real challenge. Although diet & exercise make a difference too. But it's sort of a small and new field. That's why the emphasis on research mental health clinic.

I'm not quite sure what you're confusion is, it's not like I'd become a naturopath to perscribe Xanax. It's more like some of the approaches to autism treatment, serious diet changes, detoxing heavy metals and balancing brain chemistry.

Bastyr has a BS in Health Psychology, but it's more about combining psych classes with the traditional pre-med stuff--and they've got a mental health counselor/nutritionist but nutrition is just the tip of the iceberg.

There's a school in San Diego I looked at a while ago, as well as one in Canada, but none seem to have course specifically for that. I think the ND school in Portland was doing some orthomolecular work to, but not as it applies to psychology.
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