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Nausea during breast feeding.....Help!!!

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Latley when I start to feed my babe I feel nauseated...It goes away but when she needs to feed again I start to feel it...Any suggestions?

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Is there any possiblity that you're pregnant? This happened to me when nursing through pregnancy the first time.

Are you well hydrated? It could be that you aren't getting enough fluids. Try drinking more water during the day to see if it helps.
Thanks for the response, No I not pregnant-just had our little one 6weeks ago. I think maybe your right I'll try more fluids.


I started getting nautia with my 16 month old, and knew I wasn't pregnant, and someone suggested more fluids. Within that same day, I started feeling better. I was so relieved that it was such an easy fix! Hope it turns out the same for you!
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Thanks, glad to know I'm not the only one who has had this!
I'll push the fluids & let you know!
I have this sometimes. It helps me to eat something asap.
I get this too - I always have to have glass of cold water next to me when I nurse and it makes me feel better.
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