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Hi, I am about 4 1/2 weeks pregnant with my third. I have nausea all day and it is affecting how I can care for my other two children- who are 4 1/2 years old and 8 months old. I had nausea with my first pretty much all the way through but it was not this strong. I had nausea only for the first trimester with my second.

The only thing that sounds good to eat, without making me throw up is anything with salt(chips, Top Ramen, crackers)- seriously ANYTHING with salt and root beer has helped settle my tummy. These are not the healthiest choices, I know, however all that I can handle. Plus, these only work for a few minutes. Our family normally eats very healthy and all organically. I have tried many of the suggestions online- eating smaller meals more frequently, eating something before getting out of bed, etc.

I work PT but am calling into work today bc there is just no way I can make it through 8 hours of taking care of my residents. Plus, my poor children are going stir crazy and need more of my attention- I just don't have much to give. I have no family close by and my husband works during the day. He is awesome about helping at night when home, but it's just not an option for him to be here all day!

I have read B-6 helps, however I can barely get down my prenatal, sometimes I can't get it down, so not sure if another pill is even an option. Please help- I feel out of options and am so so exhausted from 24/7 nausea!
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