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Nausea? NOW?!

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I just got back from 2 weeks in Savannah, GA at my MIL's house. I started feeling a little nauseous a day or two after arriving and attributed it to the fact that her house is not particularly clean and her windows don't open (painted closed). Now, even after two days of driving back to Illinois and being in my fresh, clean, open-windowed home for a day, I'm still feeling nauseous all the time. This never happened in either of my previous pregnancies, but I'm guessing the nausea is pregnancy related, rather than a side effect of my MILs

Does anyone else feel sick again? Does anything help?
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Ugh, I'm sorry you're feeling ill mama.
I hope it's not one of those nasty stomach bugs going around.
A few of us have had to contend with some serious yuckiness. I know my sickiness had a lot of nausea but no vomiting with it. So fun.... I hope you start feeling better soon!
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Oh I do hope it is NOT a bug, but I too have had some neusea and it does feel very pregnancy related.
With all my pregnancies, I can not rememeber this happening this late in the game either.
I get such bad neusea the entire pregnancy that I am on anti-neusea meds the entire pregnancy , but I am still having this!
It even interrupted hubby and mines *cuddle time* last night
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I have intermittent nausea, similar to the pre-morning sickness feelings. So long as I don't go back to throwing up I guess I'm okay.

I have little appetite most of the time... but occasionally I get really hungry and eat too much so I have heartburn. UGH.
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YES!!! I started getting naseous again a few weeks ago. I have only dry heaved 1 time but other than that just naseous alot.
I have been feeling nausea lately. Unfortunately.
I just don't wanna throw up during labor again, but I have every time.
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