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NB diaper stash

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First a few pics of my lil man since they were on the camera

Almost all of these are new, I think the KP cover (the med one) and the SP fitted are the only diapers I had for C...

I'm thinking 6 more KHW and 6 or so XS elbees, and 6 small elbees should round things out nicely.
With the addition of a couple more covers

I also have 3 small pul covers (bummis, bumpy, niji) that were C's, 2 kissaluv color galore dipes (c's) and a miniroo I bought off the TP hiding

Now, I just need to get knocked up!
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They are superwellmade too

they started the newborn

I hate to even mention them, because I would like a couple and I haven't even been able to land a medium for my son!
But I was able to squeeze my son into the nb at 8-12-16m now!
The rise is a TAD low, but I figured that they have the biggest chance of fitting my large newborns...
C was 9lbs 5oz (and 22") and while he was the biggest so far, both my Dh's family and mine have larger than average babies. I was 8lbs 14 and DH was 8lbs 5 and we were both first babies.
So unless we end up with a preemie for some reason, our next baby should be 9lbs easily....Owch!
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I so want to start working on my nb stash, but I cant, its just too early!
heh, i'm not even TTCing yet.
We planned on a 3yr spacing, so we arn't planning on TTCing until next spring!
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