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NB diapering experiences

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Hi: We might have done this before, but I was just curious what your experiences were in diapering newborns since I started CDing my babe when he was 6 months old. What worked for you? What didn't work? What works better on smaller NBs (6 lb-ers)? What's the most economical way to do now that you have some experience (ie a 'system' that would last beyond the first month)? Thanks so much!
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I used preemie prefolds for the first 2 weeks. Once I couldn't get one pinned on anymore, the nb proraps bit it too

After that I did the infant prefolds and small bsww. Sorry, not much help and I'd do it differently if I had known then what I know now.

eta: DS was 6#13 at birth, 6#12 when we came home, 8# at 2 weeks
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I only have experience with prefolds and kissaluvs 0's. My daughter was 7+ pounds, and the kissaluvs 0's fit her for almost three months -- would have fit longer except she outgrew the rise. Kissaluvs are about $10 a piece. Next baby, I am going to *try* Sugar Plum Baby quick-dry cotton fitteds in the newborn size -- at only $7.50 each, they are a steal! Emma fits great in the SPB smalls right now (at three months old). My favorite newborn fitted cover is a newborn Bummis whisper pant -- and they fit for a long time. Over prefolds, I prefer the BSWW -- and I personally would skip the preemie prefolds and go straight to infant size -- I just fold down the extra rise.
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We used kissaluvs 0s almost exclusively for the first few weeks. Loved them. Plan to do the same for future babes.

The kissaluvs 0s had a nice fit and are totally adorable, but geez, the absorbancy was not good and they took forever to dry. I will probably use some kind of organic cotton quick dry fitted with soft wool covers next time around. Or prefolds and wool.
We used Kissaluvs 0's and preemie and infant CPF's.

Even though we only used the preemie prefolds for about 2 weeks, I'm glad I got them. I use them for extra wipes when I run out of regular ones and as doublers too!

My baby was 6 lbs. 14 ozs. at birth but grew FAST. He gained 5 lbs. in his first month. I used the Kissaluvs until he was about 14 lbs. (at 2 1/2 mos.). They fit PERFECTLY! And even though he only wore them for 2 1/2 months, I'm glad I used them. I resold them for $8 a piece.
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I use infant size prefolds with prorap covers and wool covers. They grow so quickly at that age, that I don't like to spend money on anything fancier.
I only have a 2 week old, so I cant tell you what she grew out of quick b/c most everything is still too big. She was 7/11 at birth and today at 2w2d was 8/13. I have petite children though. At birth, I prefered Little Caboose Size 0, old style El Bee XS's and Very Baby XS's. Now, most everything fits her but KHW Small w/newborn snap-down, Fussybutt NB and Luxe XS are still too big. I also love BottomBumpers, they fit probably the trimmest of all my fitteds & AIO's. It really depends on the size of the baby at birth as to what diapers fit best. So I would buy a vareity of nb diapers personally. Most ALL newborn covers but knitted wool have been too big on her and still are at almost 9lbs.

Also, Preemie prefolds still need to be folded down a bit but if your looking for an option that fits trim, those will do awesome, b/c you can size them to fit as they grow. I prefer all my pretty fitteds personally, but in the beginning my prefolds worked really well for her, especially with her short rise (both my kids have short rises). They still do, but now that she has grown into most of her fitteds, I prefer those. I didnt find the preemie prefolds as absorbant as fitteds either so they needed to be changed more often.

Ok, I guess Im not much help! LOL Im just rambling!
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dd3 is my first cded baby - I started with 2 dozen kissaluv size 0 and 3 dozen infant prefolds. The prefolds were WAY too big and I never used them (and couldn't figure the durn things out) so I sold them. I started collecting wahm dipes - well you know how it goes from there.

If I am lucky enough to be blessed with another (which I really hope I am able to do) I will most likely go with preemie prefolds to start, maybe a dozen Kissaluvs and a couple dozen infant prefolds. I might get a few wahm dipes, but wait, I'm trying to be economical here.

I would definitely get some pockets - I LOVE pocket diapers! I would skip the extra smalls though and go straight to the smalls - they would last longer.

All this talk about newborn diapers really has my insides a twitching :LOL
I loved my size 1 Kissaluvs. I splurged with babee # 3 and bought 12 colored. They fit from 8lbs to 20 lbs the rise is short. So I think the size 1s are a better buy. I also loved the Short infant prefolds that I purchased from green mountain diapers.. awsome! I used a small stacinator wool cover for the first 3 months. I also love fitteds and wool soakers! Treat your self to some NB fitteds!
Thanks for the input, mamas! I guess what I'm hearing is that fitted is the way to go with newborns for the most part? The thing is, right now, I'm loving my pocket system because dh loves it.
I might end up buying fitteds and covers anyways but was wondering what you all think about this alternate plan:

Buying about 20 NB/S Harleyz Pocket Dipes and using them as covers. Also buying several dozen preemie (since my last kiddie was 6 lb 4 oz) and infant prefolds and laying them in the pocket dipes during the first severals weeks and then using them as inserts when the babe gets big enough. Anyone with any experience in this? Do you think this will hold in bf poop?

And one last question: Are there any other NB fitteds that will fit as long as the KL 0's but are cheaper? TIA!
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I had a 10+ baby, but Kissaluvs and KHW is what I loved! The kissaluvs would probably fit a smaller babe too, but I think the small KHW were better for my big baby.
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