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after much looking and hunting, we finally found the darn digital camera cord.<br>
(and the link to the photo will be inserted here as soon as I can figure out how to get it uploaded to my web page. for now i can email it to you).<br><br>
i'm selling a little fleece bunting, in the shape of a chili pepper. It zips up the front and is eggplant in color. Except for it being long and skinny, rather than short and round, I think it looks like an eggplant!<br><br>
I made it last summer for my baby to wear for halloween, but darn it she decided to stay inside until nov 5th.<br><br>
I would like 5.00 ppd anywhere in the states.<br><br>
I open to paypal or for a trade give me a whirl. I have a 11 month old dd.
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