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So glad I found this thread.

We have kids from 2 different counties and the "rules" for using vendor payment vary greatly between each. One county pays for everything we submit: computer, contact lenses (not covered by Medicaid), horseback riding (therapeutic) while the other county has said no, No, NO, to almost everything.

The NO county lectured me about my unrealistic hope that the contract would remain the same despite huge budget problems. ["Unfortunately, everything in our lives can be taken "away", and adoption assistance vendor is not excluded."] The hoops they expect us to jump through for the payments are humiliating. I have had to ask several doctors to write letters explaining *specifically* why x, y and z are necessary for our son. I feel like I am begging for money and it is a horrible feeling.

Isn't it our job to advocate for our kids, expecting the best that we can get? Yet we are being fought every step of the way.

I have spent too much time in the past year feeling angry and frustrated over vendor payments.
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