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NC Wic and vaxes

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I have an appt for my baby to renew our family's WIC. My baby has not rec'd all required vaxes by the state (only some), and they have told me 2 bring his vax record. anyone know if this is a deal breaker for wic? Any advice?

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I had wic in pa and never had a problem. We didn't have any shots. I need to make an appt here, thanks for the reminder.
WIC cannot force you to receive vaccinations nor deny you a check. They are a state agency and have to adhere to the laws. of course that doesn't prevent a nurse from putting her opinion upon you.
No kidding--I had a WIC appt yesterday!I was asked if baby was up to date, and I said "No. We are not vaccinating." The lady looked surprised, but in a good way. Later in the appt, she told me how her nephew has autism, and she noticed the change shortly after a round of vaccinations. Her sister is dead set against them now.
It was actually the first time I have admitted to anybody, besides my husband and MDC, that we will not be vaccinating.
I brought a letter of religious exemption, similar to the ones on file at our ped/the hospital/etc. They just put it in the file.
remember, vax's are required for school entrance. in lieu of a vax record, a parent can submit an exemption, which varies by state. a vax exemption, in any form, would not be a requirement to obtain WIC, Medicaid, AFDC/TANF, or any other type of govt subsidy.
Never had a problem with it, no one else I know has either. It's your choice, they can't deny services because you decline vaccines.
They just ask for the vax record as a form of ID. Its not like your baby has a driver's license. Bring in your baby's birth certificate, social security card, or insurance card as ID instead. If they ask about the vax record, you can just say its somewhere at home and you couldn't find it. They cannot deny you WIC because of missed/delayed/selective/non vax, but sometimes its easier to say your baby is up to date to avoid confrontation and an argument.
NC has children's vax records online. These are publicly available to nurses, doctors and schools now. And surely the health dept. Maybe WIC.

Bring a signed religious exemption and do not answer any questions about your religion. Date it after the last vaccine received.

Sample vax exemption form:
Above is the link for PAVE's website. There is a letter that you can use there. However, there is no form in NC. You can simply write a letter that says My child (put name) is exempt from receiving vaccinations in accordance with North Carolina General Statues based on religious beliefs. Sign and date. No one needs anything more or less. You do not have to explain your sincere religious beliefs or quote anything.

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