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NE Arkansas

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Does anybody live in or around Pocahontas?
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I live in Little Rock, but I used to live in Jonesboro. We may move back to Jonesboro sometime in the next 5 years or so. Also, we come to Jonesboro a lot during the fall (football season...) I hope you find some likeminded moms in your area!
Well....I guess "5 years" actually means 2 months around here.
Just found out yesterday that DH is being transfered back to Jonesboro. He will start his new job July 1! I'm excited, because I am going to get to be a SAHM now!!! Dream come true. But I am worried about finding a good pediatrician (BF-friendly and natural) and an OB who will do VBACs - good luck on both, right? But if anyone has recommendations, PLEASE let me know.

Also, is there a La Leche League group in Jonesboro or NE Arkansas?

See you soon, NE AR mommas!
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subbing to remind me to network. my mom is in Jonesboro, I grew up there.
my mom says:

My guess would be that there isn't anyone to fill that bill too well.
I don't know much about either OB's or peds, right now. I like a Dr. Barker at NEA Women's Clinic (married, but you would swear he is, well, um, he's flighty and hilarious - seems he would be open to ideas if anyone was. You never know until you buckle these people down on the details, however - he could be as interfering as any and still be a fun kind of guy! "
I saw on another thread this:

There is a midwife in Jonesboro: Tressia VonDran
(she's in the phone book)
may be your best option for a VBAC
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