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Did you follow the urologist's recommendation to have your daughter tested for reflux? If not, I'd recommend doing that.

Also, I strongly recommend that you start keeping a log of when she wets herself and when she actually pees on the toilet. Does it happen only during the day, or is it both day and night? How long does she go between peeing? When does she wet herself versus pee on the toilet?

Your urologist will need to know the answers to those questions. Having as specific information as possible will really help him/her out. For example: "Dd tends to hold her urine at night, but she wets herself on average about 2-4 times during her waking hours, with those time tending to be spread out throughout the day but sometimes more prevalent in the evening," versus "I dunno - she just seems to wet herself all the time."

Having that information will accomplish a couple goals. First, it will help the doc rule in or out physical causes. Second, if it is in fact behavioral, you'll need to have a good handle on exactly how the problem is manifesting itself in order to fix it.

good luck!
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