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Hi, I don't have any experience with this directly, just an idea that may help.

We see a family chiropractor (she treats newborns on up) who is AWESOME. I have heard that chiropractor adjustments help stop nighttime bedwetting. I believe it.

DS used to poop every 2-3 days. I never liked that. After his weekly adjustment, he now poops every day, very regularly.

We see her once a week. I was having knee pain and she said my hip was out of alignment.... now my toes point out straight (she was right) and no more pain!

So ask around for some referrals. She's wonderful because she's a mother of 3 and always takes time to get down to my son's level and talk to him first - she's very warm. He didn't like the adjustments at first, but now he does. "I love adjustments."

All chiropractors do is feel around the body for blockages around the neck/spine/nervous system. If something is pinched (nerve) then perhaps that would explain why something isn't working as it should. If she finds something out of whack (and she always does with us) she'll adjust it, opening it up, for optimal functioning.

So that's just my idea. Hopefully there are others.
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