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NeatNik Recall?

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I was just going to order one from In His Hands to use for the PKU tests, but the form said they were recalled.

Does anyone have a lancet that they love for this test? I'm kind of anxious about it. I had heard good things about this one, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to get one after all.


(Oh, and I'm not a birth professional, just a first time homebirther with questions.
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I use the NeatNick..I had no idea they were recalled. Off to write the manufacturer...
info on the FDA web site--

NeatNick Sweeping Action Heel Lancet - Preemie- Item Number: 1030083 (box of 100) and Item Number: 1030084, case of 1,000 (10 boxes of 100)

Lot Number: M095007, M066008

Lancet may misfire and an inadequate blood sample may result; additionally, the blade may not retract after use and result in a needle stick to the user/patient
Argh. Is there anything comparable?
I like the tenderfoot or the quikheel. Haven't used a neatnik, though, to compare. I do okay with the regular lancets, but I really appreciated the easier ones when i was starting, or when a babe is a little dehydrated.
I just started using the neatnick and I love it compared to plain ole lancets! I heard good things about the tenderfoot, though, maybe I'll try a few of those.
ah, yeah, some of my NeatNicks don't work - or they have a delayed spring. If that's the only reason for the recall, I'm still using the ones that I have. I MUCH prefer them to pretty much everything else I've tried.
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Yea I was thinking pretty much the same thing-- also just watch yourself when handling it so you don't get a poke if it stays out--
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