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need a big wetbag!

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I am planning on using cloth next weekend at my dad's. I have never used cloth away from home for anything other than just running errands around town. I have a Bummis bag, but it is only big enough to hold maybe 6 diapers. I have 2 in dipes so that isn't going to cut it. LOL!

I can wash diapers if I need to, but would like to be able to not have to worry about laundry for the holiday. Any recommendations for a wet bag that will get me thorugh the weekend? I would prefer to support a WAHM, if possible.
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ETA: SORRY I just saw you would like a WAHM one~I don't know

I asked this question awhile back as well.

Some recommended a camping wet bag from Wal-Mart for only like $3

I plan to get this for our week long vacation trip
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ooooh, I'm headed to Wal-Mart tonight.
For $3 I will have to check them out.

Would still like a heads up on any WAHM bags, though, too.
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Des at has FABULOUS ones.....they are huge and they zipper to keep in the stinkies!

Originally Posted by Pridelandsmommy
Des at has FABULOUS ones.....they are huge and they zipper to keep in the stinkies!
How many dipes fitted/prefolds would you say this holds?
I've heard good things about I have not ordered from there but I plan to.

I use a pail liner size for storing dirties when I'm away for a weekend. I love the print on the one I have but I will not recommend it to others because it problem in a pail but not so good when you're somewhere else. The PUL ones at the site I mentioned should be less likely to leak.

my mamaessentials bags!!

I have 2 huge ones and they hold easily 3 days of diapers

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