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need a doc in or around philly!

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hi! -
my family is in need of a good pediatrician in the philadelphia area (preferably south philadelphia -- but we're willing to travel as far as west philadelphia and beyond, i.e. - main line, ardmore, wynnewood, etc.) any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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ps - i did check out the earlier thread regarding philly peds, but had no luck with the docs listed for one reason or another - so any new info would be a really big help.
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I don't know if yu'lve looked into them already, but Society Hill Peds. (13th and Locust)isn't too bad. It's a large practice, all women, all bf'ed their kids. Some of the docs are a little mainstream for my taste, but the last time I was there the doc I saw didn't bat an eyelash at dd still cosleeping at 18 months. I know people who go there who don't vax or only selectively vax, and they say they don't have a problem. The support staff are okay too. I've certainly seen much worse.

Another vote for society hill peds..have a very AP friend who was EXTREMELY happy with them !
There's not much in the way of alternative/holistic docs in the main line area, believe me (we live in Ardmore). However, I did find a true DO who's located in Narberth, who didn't vax his kids (or so the nurse said) and they have a truly holistic approach. The only problem is the insurance he takes is very limited, which, unfortunately is why we aren't going to him.

His name is Dr. Andrew Lipton, and he's family practice, not a ped.

Just wanted to throw that out there! Good luck!
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