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Need a doula for South Texas Regional Med Center (San Antonio)

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My SIL is due late June and wants a Doula (yay!). She will be delivering at South Texas Regional Medical Center. Problem is that the local lactation consultant told her that doulas don't usually want to drive all the way out there and that she may have trouble getting one.

Anyone have the skinny? I would love to pass some names on to her as she is pretty scared of the whole process and could use some guidance. Reco's on doulas to call?

P.S. SIL is not very crunchy (she is a general surgeon with pretty mainstream thinking). This is her first excited for her!!!!!

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bumping-- maybe just some names of ANY doulas will do
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Here are a few that I found by googling... don't know any of the personally but it's a start.

There are also quite a few listed on the DONA website
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