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Need a Family Practice Dr in Snohomish or Northern King Counties

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I'm planning on using a Midwife for my Oct birth but need a Family Practice doc for the babe/family. I prefer this over a pediatrician but would take any suggestions at this point. I definitely want a female and she needs to be pro AP at least enough so she won't look down on me or annoy me about my choices of co-sleeping/extended BF/homeopathy, etc...
Not sure where we will be living-maybe Mill Creek/north Bothel area but I can certainly drive for a good doc!

My insurance will only cover a CNM (vs just a licensed midwife)so if you have any suggestions here too??

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We have been very happy with Donna Zimburean at Totem Lake Ped Assoc.

She has always stayed and talked with us for heaps of time, answering all questions, and looking up homeopathic info for us.

She has never questioned our co-sleeping, no-vax and herbal choices for the twins. She is also an expert regarding breast health and helped us through some latching issues.

I'm not sure about the rest of the office, and sometimes the front desk helpers can be ditzy ~ but overall it has been a good choice.

And I am VERY picky.

here she is online:


for my garage sale tomorrow
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