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Need a gentile reminder

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Mamas, I need a gentile reminder about why I am doing this...I am so frustrated with ds and his sleeping these past two weeks and to make matters worse, I am sick and not getting any sleep, hence really irritable. He used to be a great sleeper - then came the time change and I am about to lose my mind. It takes at least 45 minutes to get him settled down for a nap, and just now he napped for only 30 minutes (normally he is a 2-3 hour napper). It takes a whole lot of rocking, nursing, singing etc., to get him to sleep and of course, I have to do it 4 or more times a day. He is now waking at night too wanting to play. One day my husband and I spent 8 solid hours trying to get him to sleep. It is driving me absolutely bonkers. I can't take much more and if I knew that this would be over soon, I could handle it - but right now I see no end in sight. I freak out everytime I see him getting tired because I know that I will have to expend so much energy trying to get him to sleep.

So I need a gentile reminder about why it is good to rock, sing, etc., them to sleep...and a gentile reminder in the goodness of children - because right now I cannot see it!

I just started giving him Hylands' teething tablets just in case that is what is bothering him - but they haven't seemed to work. And we have a solid routine for naps and bedtime, too.
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This too shall pass. A lot of us in the October moms thread having been going through some hard times too. Must be age thing.
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i'm not at all qualified to give any advice in the sleep department... just thought i'd let you know that we've been struggling with craaazy sleep problems since the time change too. i know exactly what you mean about how exhausting it can be to get these little guys to sleep!

just know you aren't alone.

when i'm as wasted as i feel today, i try to focus on the fact that, despite his irregular sleep habits, DS is a really happy boy. he is a confident baby who knows that he is truly loved--day and night (if a little begrudgingly...
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Around 5-6 months is a hard time sleep-wise. Best advice? Don't fight. If he doesn't want to sleep (especially daytime) let him not sleep. Babies sleep when they're tired. Hang in there!

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why not try less naps? with ds around 6 mo, i noticed that i needed to let him stay up for 2 hrs, then he was really ready to sleep. we still follow that rule - awake 2-3 hrs, then nap. sometimes the naps are crappy, sometimes not. i feel your pain, i really do!
sophies barely napping right now

about 30 minutes in the morning and she had about 45 minutes when dh took her out for a walk

it takes ages to wind her down for a nap then she doesnt sleep long at all

its very frustrating at times

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Well, dd is going on 9 months, and we're seeing some improvement. Very slight improvement. It's totally crazy, but I spend hours driving and idling in my car, because it's the only sure-fire way to make her sleep. Wasteful? Yes. Polluting? Yes. Sanity-saving? Yes. I read books and magazines when I'm idling, or try to catch a cat nap myself.

DH has a 4 day weekend due to the holiday, and we're going to start on the Pantley Pull-Off. Right now, she is so dependent on my boob to get to sleep and stay asleep, that all sleeping is done in arms or in bed (except in the car), and I'm going totally crazy. No one but me can put her to sleep. I can't put her down after she's asleep. I just can't take it anymore.

Anyway, I hope you see some improvement. I wrote a desperate post a few weeks ago about how badly dd was fighting sleep, and she seems to be getting better. Not exactly sure why she's fighting less, although it seemed to improve a lot after a craniosacral therapy appointment. So maybe that is helping her.

Good luck!
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