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You are doing a "graft" or "kitchner stitch" but basicly you are replicating a row of knitting with a needle. You can find tutorials on this in the typical places- etc...

When I was first learning to do this I was dumbfounded by all this pick up stitch knitwise purlwise instructions- doing the graft right off the knitting needles ... whatever- it was very confusing to me because if your stitch is twisted- well- knit wise and purlwise is irrelevant- and when you have two needles full of stitches that have become hopelessly muddled from being picked up and droped held slipped etc...

I just braced myself, put the stitches on a piece of yarn and took them off the needles- I lad the work flat on the table and followed the path of the yarn. Here is what you need to know:

To get across the bridge- the gap in your cloth, the stitch of the surgeon closing the wound-

Your grafting yarn is going to have to come from under a stitch and exit the stitch on the top side- goes over the gap- imagine a big humped bridge arch and you won't ever mistakenly cross the gap on the low side- and then you enter the next stitch from the top so the needle exits the bottom.

Now you are going to need to cross that gap again- but you need to do it from the next stitch over- so sidestep to the next stitch under the work- (this is a purl bump) Imagine a subway platform under the street- step across under.

Same deal- come up through a stitch- go over the bridge- down into the FIRST stitch... YES- go back into that same hole your first yarn came out of- that is the V of a knit stitch.

Every stitch is going to be worked twice- every stitch should have it's own v one leg was a strand leaving and one leg was a strand coming back in,

Just keep crossing the bridge and taking a little sidestep on the underside...

If you want to practice this before you do your real graft- knit a swatch- make one row of knitting a contrast color in the middle. Then thread your needle and duplicate stitch over that one row- try to cover that stripe with your main color- you will be led by the hand through the mesh by that contrast color- by the time you are done I bet you will have it.
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