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need a ped. in Dutchess County

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Hi folks!

My name is Veronica and I'm a SAHM to an almost-18-month-old son with one more on the way in October. My fiance and I just graduated from UAlbany in May and moved back down to our hometown area (Poughkeepsie). We haven't lived here since before our son was born, and now we need to find a good pediatrician in the area. We *do* vaccinate, so that's not an issue, but I want to find somebody who is bf-friendly and wont give me hell for tandem nursing, co-sleeping, etc. Does anybody have any recommendations? We would prefer somebody *in* Poughkeepsie, but we're open to other options.


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I am new to this board. I live in Northern Westchester - Katonah. I went to SUNY Binghamton undergrad. I am 31 and have 9 month old son named Jackson.

How far south would you travel for a pediatrician?
As Leah asked- How far are you willing to go? I know a GREAT one in Peekskill.

PS_ Leah I live in Carmel (lived in Katonah till 3 years ago)

I am also looking for a ped in Dutchess County - preferably in the northern Dutchess area, but I am willing to drive. Unfortunately, Peekskill is a bit too far. I would love some input from any mamas in the area!
where are you in dutchess county/ we have just moved to Baecon and I have found a nice prediatriacian in Cold spring who is very pro breastfeeding and was really helpful with approving my homebirth to the health insurance after only meeting with her once.
message to bunnymom....I would be very interested to know about your ped in Peekskill...


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