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DD is 22 months and a pistol. She won't give up night nursing. In general, she won't go to sleep easily unless she has skipped her nap. If she doesn't get to nurse because I've set a limitation, she will carry on for at least two hours. This often happens in the middle of the night when I will let her nurse for a little bit and I tell her she needs to stop and "Ba Ba needs sleep." She will roll over and then five minutes later start insisting again. Attempts to night wean her have been entire failures. We have gradually worked up to night weaning three times and each has failed because of teething.

She has to have her way and is unrelenting. No amount of cuddling, hugging, singing, or rocking will assuage her if she wants to nurse.

I am desperate for sleep and can't sleep when she nurses at night. She has become rather violent about nursing, especially this past week because she had a cold. A month before, she was terribly violent from teething for three weeks. My nipples are very sore. If I could sleep through the night nursing, I would be more than happy to continue it, but I can't.

After weeks of sleeping maybe five hours of interrupted sleep at night, I am beyond exhausted. I feel like I am not being a very good mother because I am a walking zombie. Even napping with her hasn't replenished my sleep deficit.

One great solution would be for DH to take over night duties. He is trying to save his company right now and works crazy hours, so is rarely around. He comes back today from a ten day business trip. He is entirely stressed from work, but I am almost to the point of telling him that he has to take over night duties with DD or he will have to put me in a padded room.

I hope this isn't coming off as one big whine. Can anyone offer advice or a hug?
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