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need a rec for a LM in St. Lucie County, FL

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Hi all,

I just found out the we are expecting #4 in December. I am somewhat new to this area. I need a good midwife. I also could use a birthcenter in my area too. I'd like to have a home waterbirth but dh is paranoid about it!!!!
I am sure that if I had an appt with the midwife and she eased my dh's thoughts about this he would reconsider....Anyways much thanks in advance!
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Hey there!!! I am in Vero Beach and I do have the name of an LM in the area but I need find it around here somewhere. There used to be a birth center in Jensen Beach ( I think) but it isn't there anymore. The closest one might be in Boca Raton and that is sort of a haul. Maybe if you and your husband meet with the LM, she could ease his fears. I will look up her name and PM you

I am not the only crunchy mama for a hundred miles anymore???!!!"???
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I have heard good things about Sandi Blankenship as well. I also know of some doulas in the area who may know of other midwives:
I could also ask at work. I work in labor and delivery so I know several midwives that may know some of the LMs in the area. The MWs I work with only do hospital birth.
Almost an oxymoron. LOL
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Okay, I finally talked my dh into a homebirth!!!!! I just mentioned how we will not have to plan for someone to watch the girls and no trips to a birthcenter or hospital... and well, my wonderfully lazy dh found this to be the easiest way out!!!!LOL!!!!
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Originally Posted by purpsurfer

this is who I was thinking of.
Thanks so much!!!! I went to her web-site and I am even more impressed that she does prenatal visits at your home!!!!! I am going to give her a call first thing tomorrow morning.... I'll PM you with the news.....
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