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Need advice: 21+ hr car drive vs. plane

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we have a trip planned when my dd is going to be just 1 yr.
It will either be a 21+ hour car drive
me driving 1 hr to the airport, a 3 hr flight (alone with dd), and then a 6 hr drive (dh will drive the entire way and pick us up)

Then we have a week backcountry camp/canoe trip planned. I want her to be as happy/healthy as possible for the trip.

any advice?? She is crawling now, she might be walking by then- I am leaning towards driving with stops. of course, dh is leaning towards me flying.

Thanks very much in advance!
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I would do the flight all the way, if that is at all possible. On the plane, you can hold her in your lap, nurse her at will, walk up and down the aisles.

In the car, you run the risk of getting part way there, and her having a toxic meltdown. This happened to us with DD1 when she was younger (admittedly a bit younger than your daughter will be, but still). We took a 4 hour trip up to Door County in Wisconsin. She made it there all right. But coming home a couple of days later, she decided she had had it with the car, and it took us over 9 hours to get home. It was a nightmare.

You didn't mention what kind of vehicle you have. That would make a difference. I would be more inclined to risk it if I had a van, because it's more comfortable, and you can get back there easier.

Also, how does she do in general in the car? Again, that would make a big difference in my decision.

Good luck, it sounds like you have a fun trip planned!

I would also definitely fly. You won't need much on the plane for such a short time, so you won't be loaded down with stuff. The six hour drive on the other end will be bad enough (you can't fly any closer?). Don't forget, when she's in the car seat she can't move at all. It's not like us where we can stretch & move around our seatbelts.
Have a great trip!
We are going on a trip next month and had to make this same decision. It was either 26 hours in the car or 6-8 hours flying. We decided to fly. We took a 12 hour car trip in April and I think that is about the most my kids can tolerate. The plane will be much quicker, you can bring things for your dd to do, there will be plenty of people to entertain (if she's anything like my kids, she'll be doing the entertaining) and it will be much easier on your sanity!

Sounds like you have a wonderful trip coming up! Have a great time!
we just came back from Tennessee yesterday... it took us six hours to get there (our dd napped for 3 1/2 hrs.), and took us 10 to get home..... and that 10 hours seemed like at LEAST 15. It was grueling. We're used to spending time in the car, we have 3 hours round trip every week to go to the health food store and we didn't know how to handle this one!
All in all, we still had a good time, our dd had a blast camping(hmmmmm....maybe she was sad we were leaving!).
Sounds like a great vacation! I'd say make it a little easier on yourself & fly.
Thanks so much for the advice!
My dd will be happy to hear it.
WE will look into flying.
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