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need advice and spam... training pants questions

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Hello all,
I don't usually hang out in this forum, but I have a few training pants questions for you cloth diapering gals (and guys if any)...

So far, I've been using disposable diapers for DD (although I would have gone with cloth if at all feasible here in my tiny Paris appartment, with barely enough space to line dry our regular laundry, an almost non-functional washer, and NO, I repeat, NO diaper services in Paris at all)...

She's almost 18mo and starting to show an interest in using the potty, and has even told us *before* peeing that she has to go (pointing to her diaper) and nodding vigourously when we ask if she wants to take off the diaper and pee on the potty... (and then doing so).

We're NOT going to push the potty training at all, just follow her lead and let her go when she wants.

But, since she also often wants to just *not* wear diapers, but I don't want to clean up pee puddles all day long, I'm wondering if cloth training pants might be in order... (I'd really LOVE to avoid disposable pull-ups if we can.)

Now, here are my questions:

1. Are there cloth training pants or some sort of pull-up cloth transitional diaper that could catch a full pee (no puddles)? (Because the ones I remember from when my brother and sisters were little didn't.)
2. If yes to question 1, are any of the ones that work well *inexpensive*? (Especially considering I'm probably going to have to pay for international shipping...)
3. How many would we need, for say two days without doing laundry? (At first, we'd only use them at home days and evenings, not nights or when out and about... We can really only do loads of laundry on Weds. and weekends...)
4. Would they line dry well in 24 hours or less inside?

Help me out here, what else should I know? (sizing concerns, fabric/stuffing/etc.)

(If spam is in order, please use PM.)
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Just bumping this up so others with potty training experience can help you.

maybe Mother of Eden's Trickle Free Trainers would work for you.
I have 2, 1 pair of Bumkins Trainers (from Natural Babies ) and 1 pair of MOE Trickle Free Trainers that I got in a trade. I have to say I prefer the Bumkins ones. They very poofy & don't have snaps on the sides, but they fit my tiny two year old & the elastic is nice and soft. They're flannel on the inside, so I think they'd dry quickly, and hold one pee. I haven't actually used the MOE ones yet, but I don't like the micro-fiber stuff inside (shudder). I don't think shipping would be much since they're very light & I think the Bumkins ones in plain white are about $10 each. HTH
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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