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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. My daughter who is 20 months old has been itching her vagina NON STOP!

I have brought her to the doctors over 5 times for this situation!

At first they stated that she could have a yeast infection, so they put her on Monistat 7 Cream, Did not help.
Next they put her on Dyflucan, an oral antibiotic to fight yeast, Did not help.
Next they put her on a Topical Hydrocoridion, Did not help.
Next I switched her to Organic Diapers, Did not help.

They did mention that it could be her way of exploring, but I really dont think it is. I wouldnt mind if she was touching her Vagina, if it wasnt for the fact that she is VERY VERY ROUGH, and she isnt touching, she is ITCHING! She itches sooooo much that she makes it bleed. The other morning I woke up to find her diaper filled with blood! So I am having to put her in a onsie!

I feel so frusturated and lost because I dont know what else to do! She is itching ALL THE TIME! She is doing it at dinner, while she is playing, in the tub, at night while she is sleeping, in the car.... WHAT IS IT, AND WHAT DO I DO???????

She does have Excema pretty bad on her arms, and on her face..... she is going to see a dermatologist in July.... could it be that?

I appriciate any support or suggestions, I am so lost at answers to why she is doing this! I want to figure it out, because it seems like it is consuming our lives!

Thank you,

Megan & Aurora (20 months Old)
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Wow. I am so sorry. I have no idea. I suppose it could be possible to ahve excema in her girlie bits. I sure hope you get answers soon. You might also want to cross-post this in the Health & Healing board, if you haven't already. Good Luck!
Did the doctor actually do a culture before he threw all those meds at you? It could be an infection that doesn't commonly respond to any of those treatments, or needs another round because it didn't get it all.

I'd give her frequent baths (no soap) and put something soothing on there, such as your preferred diaper cream or plain yogurt. It's kind of a catch-22 because naked time would likely help it go away, yet if she's nakey she can hurt herself.
Maybe you can just take her diaper off while she's sleeping?
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Could it be she's allergic to your detergent? What do you use? What about soap in the bath? Diaper creams? Baby wipes?

Are the diapers staying on her wet or dirty for very long? I'd cross post in Diapering for help with laundry suggestions since you're using CDs.

If it's not a yeast infection then it sounds like contact allergy issues to me, and my first instinct is detergent or soap being the cause.

I'm so sorry she's itching and scratching so much. Try stripping her diapers and switching to a natural soap, and letting her have as much air time as possible.

And can you try giving her some children's benadryl in the meantime to see if that helps?
I have taken out all soaps from her bath, along with only using a Auqafour lotion. I try and change her frequently, and I also changed her baby wipes to Seventh Generation....

I think that I might switch back to Dreft Laundry Detergent because that is what I used on her clothes when she was little.... so maybe that will help.

I appriciate all the suggestions, because I am going to print this off and bring it to the docs...

Also, they did not Culture her vagina, which I am going to bring her into walk ins and ask that they do because she could have an infection that isnt treated with what we have already done.

I hope this can be solved because I dont know what else to do. I cant let her run around naked because she will just dig and itch! Its never ending!
I feel so bad for her!


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This is just so typicall that the peds just trhough stuff at you without even thinking about it and I can pretty much guess that they did not take ANY cultures, right?!

Anyway, what previouse posters suggested, allergic reaction to something that she is in contact with often, also do not wash her vagina with any soap, just plain water, due to the Excema it might be that she is very skin sensitive and that her vaginal area dries out very quick from the soap usage, also if your local water is hard or whatever it can cause similar effect. I had similar problems since living where I am right now due to something different in the water, so I do not use soap regularly and also not wash every day (unless the time of the month obviously). Might have something to do with the Excema as well. Try to use the suggested joghurt, chamomille tea wrap, made from chamomille flowers. Do you have pets??? Maybe allergic to a pet that you have, this can develope at this later age as well.

Hope you figure out soon what it is, can you not get a sooner appointment with the dermatologist, it is an emergency after all when she is scratching so hard that she is bleeding!
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my dd was itching alot too for awhile... does your dd take alot of baths?? My dd used to take 2 and stay in a long time, because she really enjoyed them, so i switched to 1 bath and didn't soap her until just before she got out.. that seemed to help, I would give her half an acidophilous caplet and also changed her diaper in the middle of the nite, all this seems to clear it up quickly... it was an off and on thing for a little while.. hope this helps
Just wanted to chime in that I have a sensitivity to laundry soap that, uh, manifests itself in delicate areas
, and anything at all with perfumes (which Dreft used to, don't know if it still does) drove me nuts. Have you tried something like BioKleen or Seventh Generation Unscented or All Free n' Clear? And I would do ALL your laundry in it until you figure this out, not just hers, since she comes into contact with other clothes, sheets, towels, etc.
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Scary. I wish I could offer wisdom or advice. Have you visited a naturopath? What about an elimination diet? I hope you find a cure.
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