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need advice ASAP

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OK here is the situation. my dd (5) is driving me crazy today. All day NOTHING but whining, crying and fits. Screaming that daddy has the radio on, telling me that brother ruined her life. On and On! ALL DAY. She has been to the park, she has had my nephew over (he is 17) while I do homework and he played with her, I have played with her, daddy spent 2 hours before work playing board games with her. Today is a hard day as it is because dh works late (till 9). She has even watched a video. BUT she is soooooooooo bored and has "nothing to do". She has refused to eat anything all day (she wants me to go get her chips, white bread and cream cheese and I won't do it). I finally get her to drink some Ovaltine and eat a little cheese. Thats it.

So I go to the bathroom with ds and come back out. It's all quite. I finally find her behind her futon in her room with a box of "cinnamon toast crunch" that belongs to my sister/roommate.

I just had it. I put her to bed (very gently) 2 hours early explaining to her that I am frustrated and I think that she is tired. So now she is in her room alternating between saying "give me another chance" and "I want my daddyyyyyyy".

What should I do?

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lol, I'd just call it a day.

I'm not helpful. It sounds like she is way overstimulated and tired. On days like that, I just try and tread water until bedtime.

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agreeing on the overstimulation...maybe some quiet time with some books alone would help her calm herself and an early night...then mommy gets a nice bubble bath alone..think daddy would help with need a break....

Then tomorrow, a quiet calm day...see how it goes...

good luck
Did she by any chance just finish school and start summer break? I always find the first 2 weeks to be a major adjustment period. Very difficult -- but they find their groove and then things improve.
I think you might have it! Preschool just finished and yesterday was a school day! Never thought of that. I ended up letting her get up after we agreed to 1/2 hour of quiet time for us both. The rest of the night went good.

She can be sooooooooo frustrating. I guess that is what you get when you take 1 tauras child + 1 virgo mama! Thank God that ds is a Cancer like mellow daddy.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.


Originally Posted by Victorian
I guess that is what you get when you take 1 tauras child + 1 virgo mama! Victoria
:LOL I am virgo, and my ds is taurus... We have our share of days like those! (I am sure everyone does...)

No suggestions, just

I know how draining it can be...
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