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I am looking for some advice. My 9 month old son has eczema on his head and neck, fairly mild but when it flares up it really frustrates him. Lat night he was up a Lot, scratching and crying. I had to put a bandaid on one spot on his face cause he wouldn't leave it alone and it was bleeding.

Dr. prescribed hydorcortisone cream for bad flareups, to use sparingly no more than twice a day. (I don't use it everyday) My ds' skin is very dry especially on his legs. His legs don't have eczema but are covered in tiny pimples which showed up a few months ago. (Two of my other kids have this type of skin, my older 11 year old ds has a Lot of pimples all over his arms. I am thinking of taking him to a dermatologist.)

My baby ds breastfeeds, and I have found that cutting back on milk seems to help his skin. However, any of the milk replacers I've tried give him gas! Part of why he was up crying so much last night was because of gas. I am about at my wit's end trying to figure out what to do diet wise. He does not really eat solids yet, but breastfeeds like a champ.
I'm wondering if maybe he is allergic to nuts, since almond milk seems to irritate him as well, if I drink it. I felt so sorry for him last night, he was just exhausted but still kept waking up, partly cause he has a bit of a cold right now as well.

I should also include that he is on a small dose of antibiotic once a day because of a kidney condition. I am thinking of asking his dr. if we can try a different med, maybe this is also exacerbating his eczema.

Anyway, sorry this is kinda long. Any input, experiences, etc. would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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