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I have battled eczema since my teens and my son also has it. I have never prefered dairy products even as a child, and from what I have noticed, for good reason.
Whenever I eat cheese, ice cream and the like I tend to have a flare up. Before I realized this I had tried every moisturizer and cream out there. Almost every one of them were more painful and frustrating than the eczema. There is a cream called florizone at the health food store that is a good alterative to cortizone(nasty stuff). Also I found that for mild flare ups and dryness DML Forte in the light blue and pink tube works great with no burning( make sure it is not the orange tube with sunscreen). It is over the counter but you have to ask the pharmacist for it. They don't have it on the shelf. I breastfed my son for almost three years and he has had it on his face, arms, legs and a few patches on his back. On occassion I would eat cheese and I had a few ice cream binges, his eczema got pretty bad especially during winter when you have that dry heat working against you. Once I completely eliminated dairy it took a while to vanish all the way but since it has been gone I have seen it rarely and only after eating ice cream or something a couple of times close together. My brother has had it almost his whole life but his seems to be an allergic reaction to cats. He stays away from dairy also. I know people get eczema for different reasons but this is my experience and I hope maybe it can help you.
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