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Need advice for my heavy wetting toddler

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Hi! My daughter is about ready to use the potty and has discovered the fine art of "holding it" for four hours at a time. So, when she finally pees, it gets everywhere. She soaks through her fitteds or prefolds and her cover, whether its thin wool, PUL... pretty much anything except her overnight Stacinator fleece, and I just can't put her in that giant thing all day!

We are currently using a mix of mostly fitteds I borrowed from a friend (sugarbums, bucky buttoms, and the like, almost all with doublers) and a few cpfs. She has two thin wool snap covers, one wool soaker (which still leaks a bit), two fleece Stacinators, and a ton of PUL covers (bummis, prowraps, bumkins) which are pretty useless right now. Two or three times a day she pees through everything and gets her clothes and whatever she's sitting on all wet. Any advice please?? Thank you!!
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At the risk of sounding like a broken record...

take a toddler prefold and fold it four times the opposite way. Either put it in a good pocket (a pul one might be a little damp in the legs but shouldnt soak onto clothing, even with a hold it pee on there) a pocket fitted with one of your covers would be a good choice but a little more bulk. but its summer and she can just wear that with a t-shirt or cute dress
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Sounds like she's definitely getting ready to use that potty! You could add an extra soaker in there, and stick mostly to all-hemp diapers or the 4-fold PF, but if she's holding it for 4 hours then I'd imagine she'd soak through practically everything. Good luck!
Have you tried hemp fleece doublers? Those suckers are thirsty and thin enough that you could double them up and lay on top of a toddler CPF. That's our current line of attack here in my household. We've been using mostly stacinator wool over them, and tho the diapers will be soaked, the covers do a great job of not wicking. PUL isn't working for us at all now, either, not even the FB's which immediately wick out behind the leg-holes for us. Single-layer wool jersey covers are quite enough for us either.
The doublers are pretty cheap and you don't have to invest in much more supply-wise, which makes good sense if your babe is almost toilet-trained. I'm hoping mine will get more excited about the toilet soon, too!
Thanks for your responses! I think I will try some hemp doublers as soon as we have some extra cash... we don't have toddle prefolds yet, still using premiums. Its always a big investment buying the next size of dipes, kwim? Thats why I'm borrowing right now!

PS- foxytocin, our dds are only 1 day apart! Hopefully they'll both have an interest in the potty soon.
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