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Need Advice for Potty training 3 year old

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Hi All;
I am new to Mothering, so this is my first post. I am hoping to find some advice and direction. My 3 year old is still not potty-trained and although she shows signs of readiness, she is resistant. We've tried treats, stickers, training pants...nothing seems to work! We also have a 13 month-old, who was born when she was 2 - so I "missed" the "window" when she would have been perhaps more receptive to the idea. (It was too hard to get up and down with her when I was at the end of the pregnancy).

Any advice???
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Hang in there. My dd1 is 40 months and she decided one day almost two weeks ago that she wanted to wear underwear and she uses the potty (except she still wants a diaper to poop) very successfully. Before that, she was adamant about wearing a diaper. I talked a lot about using the potty and how it worked, etc and when she was ready, she started.
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