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need advice from "Happiest Baby" parents

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so many have recommended "Happiest Baby on the Block" and i got the book, and it IS wonderful
it actually helped me figure out that my daughter has reflux, when the 5 S's didn't work, i noticed patterns and then i saw clear symptoms. she also has always slept really great, on average for 5-7 hours, wakes to eat, then another 2-4 hours. swaddling even helps her nap when she's overstimulated and tired.

she's 9 weeks old now, and she's still swaddled and gently rocked and sung to every night before bedtime, then tucked in her sidecar co-sleeper. she starts blissing out when i start folding the blanket around her! i have no problems with that, it's nice to get so much sleep beside her, and to take naps with her during the day
that being said ... i'm starting to think about the future. if she gets even one arm out of the swaddle, she wakes herself up and can't get back to sleep even with gentle shhh's or singing and patting her, i have to re-swaddle her and rock her back to sleep.

at what point does a baby who thrives on the 5 S's no longer need the swaddle to sleep? this is not something i'm going to force, if she loves to be swaddled then swaddled she shall be
i just can't picture her at 6 months still needing it! i'm wondering if she'll wean herself, or if i'll need to help her, and when? how have other "Happiest Baby" parents handled this? TIA
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I'm facing a similar problem and would love to hear how other have handled it. My daughter LOVES being swaddled - she just calms down immediately as soon as I start swaddling her. We use "The Amazing Miracle Blanket" - silly name, but GREAT product (!

Our problem is that she's started figuring out how to arch her back and get out of the blanket, which I know poses a safety hazard (loose blankets and all). I've tried letter her sleep without being swaddled, but no can do.

How do you transition from swaddled to non-swaddled? Or are there other solutions? Any feedback would be appreciated.
dont have much time but

once ds outgrew his swaddle, i wrapped him in a blanket but let his arms hang out. then a few weeks ago i just tried laying him down w/o it and he was fine. so he outgrew it on his own and trust me, he was very dependent on it. he turns a y.o. on xmas

byeee hth
I'll try to jump in here but my memory of the exact timing is a little fuzzy as my dd turns 2 next week. Dd was born in winter and LOVED being swaddled and it helped keep her warm (we're in the upper midwest and like a cool house). She slept next to the bed in cradle until almost 4 months (she was small and 6 wks early) until one morning I found her with her arms stuck through the spindles. We then moved her to a crib next to the bed (I didn't side-car the crib until 7 months when she started waking every 90 minutes due to teething and separation anxiety).

Anyway, at some point in there she started being able to wiggle an arm or two free as she slept but it wouldn't wake her up. I think she started out swaddled each night until 5 months or so, maybe 6. Definitely until 4 months. She just naturally outgrew the need and actually reached a point where swaddling would make her mad.

I'm sure someone else can chime in here with more advice. Melly - I would suspect that as your dd gains more control of her body, it won't upset her so much if she gets partly out of her swaddle.
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(this is meli)
thanks, i didn't know some kids would want to be swaddled longer than 3-4 months! like, i was worried i'd be hampering her development towards rolling over, etc. it's good to hear that some kids just love it. i've noticed that even when she falls asleep in my arms during the day, she startles herself awake when her arms move, so i wrap a blanket around both of us (cold New England, brrr!) and she blisses out with a smile on her face

come to think of it, i like being swaddled! :LOL i've always slept with a lot of covers and kinda roll myself up in them. :LOL
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My dd is 3.5 months old and will not sleep without her miracle blanket! In fact, I'm trying to acquire more from the TP!
I highly recommend the blanket. It helps her nap when she wants to stay up....she fights it for a second but the just relaxes and closes her eyes in my arms.
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Lurking here...

I swaddled ds until he was 6 months. I tried weaning him sooner, but he still wanted it. When the time came, and he was ready, the transition was very easy. At that time, he was old enough to tummy sleep, so that was comforting to him.

HTH! Since your dc still seems to want the swaddle, I also agree with using a swaddling blanket! I've heard wonderful things about the miracly blanket. We personally used the Swaddle Me blanket, and then switched the larger sized one around 3-4 months.
You'll know when it's time to un-swaddle, every baby is different, and some never like it at all!
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I quit swaddling when it got too warm for it. Overheating is a big factor in SIDS (at least that's what I read when my first was little). But at three years of age, my oldest DD still sleeps with her special blankie. My second child never did need to be swaddled like her older sister did, so I quit swaddling her I'd say at about two or three weeks of age.

Originally Posted by Pan
come to think of it, i like being swaddled! :LOL i've always slept with a lot of covers and kinda roll myself up in them. :LOL
Me too! Dh says I "cocoon" myself in ALL of the blankets each night. But, even in the summer, I need at least a sheet on me and in the winter, I tuck the flannel and down tight around me.

Happy swaddling!
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