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Originally Posted by Ynez
the daycare was very good (reggio emilia model) but there was a biter.
that's what our dc is too!! it was the closest to montessori i could find. they are *so* committed to child-led/child-initiated learning, it really impressed me.

so far i see no "effects" on ds- but i know this is impacting him somehow. i've watched him in the room and he doesn't avoid the biter at all, doesn't seem to react negatively to her at all. he's never bit anyone but i am afraid if he is exposed to biting he may try to mimic it. i do talk to him about it, but try not to upset him. i don't think i do a good job b/c it *really* upsets me!! i try not to react like that in front of him (the first time it happened, after he went to bed i bawled). mostly when i've noticed one, on his arm or hand, i talk about it- i focus on him though, not the biter, although i do talk about responding. he isn't too verbal (says <10 words) but is very emotional and although i don't think he understands my words per se, i do think he understands the emotion behind them.

thanks to y'all again- i feel better knowing other people out there have btdt!

magemom, i think it sounds rough from both sides!!

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