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As a former center director, biting is one of the hardest issues to handle. No child deserves to be bitten, and it sounds like your child's teachers are doing a pretty good job working with this. I assume you have talked at length with them? At a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 they should be able to see the biter's frustration growing and remove her from the situation BEFORE the bite happens. Your child is being bit more than others? I would definitly try to figure out why that is happening. Sometimes teachers are afraid to tell parents that their child is instigating something (not that I am saying he is but it should be explored). Offering a prompt to the teachers, like "I know sometimes my child can instigate problems, do you see that happening here?" might give them an "in" to tell you if there are problems. If you dont' get anywhere with the teachers, ask to speak with the center director. Your poor babe shouldn't be coming home with marks from frequent biting. IMO, the teachers might not be watching this closely enough. Oh, another avenue to explore (if you have the time and they have the set up for it) is to try to observe your DS in his room without your knowledge. This might help you "see" first hand what is happening when he is bitten. Good luck! I didn't mean to offend by suggesting DS might be causing probs...
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