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I have just been reading a wonderful book about child development from birth to age 3, that is geared to teachers and how to create the optimum environment for kids at school or daycare.

There was a considerable section devoted to this issue of biting. As many said here: it's normal, hard to take for either parent (of the biter, or the bitee). The book laid out the reasons for biting, and how they can be addressed (it's a very AP/gentle discipline curriculum, much like that described here). But mostly they emphasize the importance of diligence.

If the daycare providers KNOW who the biter is, it really behooves them to "shadow" that child to ensure minimal biting occurs. If I were you, this is the issue I would focus on. I know it's not easy when you are looking after a bunch of kids, but it's really not fair that other kids get bitten so often. Maybe the teachers could rotate shadowing this child, it would be even easier if the behaviour occurs in predictable settings, too. I would not blame anybody or try to get at the "why's" of the biting, but I don't think it is unreasonable to ask that the biter be given extra attention so that such incidences can be reduced.
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