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I don't know if I have any advice but I wanted to say that I had a very similar experience with my DD when she was approx. 18 months old. the daycare was very good (reggio emilia model) but there was a biter. My DD was biten twice (as were others) and I think it had a very profound effect on her--she was really afraid of other kids, esp. boys for quite some time (it was a boy who did the biting). I don't think I would have let her stay in the room if it had happened again -- we moved to another city so it never came to that. The staff at the centre blamed the biting on teething -- could that be an issue in your case? They would offer the child a teether or something else to bite on.

I was wondering how old your ds is? Can he talk to you about the situation? Do you think it's having a negative effect on him (outside of the experience of being biten--ouch!)? DD wasn't able to talk much at the time but she was clearly nervous about being around this boy.

Good luck.
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