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Hi folks,

I'm the mom that Aubrie was talking about with a baby requiring supplemental milk. He's just over 6 weeks now, and I've managed to obtain donor milk in addition to what I can give him.

I guess I'm looking for support, as well and suggestions. I feel like I've tried it all....nursing every hour, nursing followed by pumping, just pumping, donperidone plus goats rue plus blessed thistle plus fenugreek. I've attended LLL meetings.

I've been working with two lactation consultants - one at the birth center where I had my little boy, and the other being my MIL, and both seem to say that I have the characteristics of low milk supply - asymmetrical breats, small, and wide apart.

I'm trying to stay positive, but there are times that I simply feel like a failure. This is the one thing that a mother should be able to do for her baby, and I sometimes feel like I've already failed as a mom.

But, I'm trying so hard to find donor breast milk. I know how great breastmilk is, and end up in tears each time I think about having to use formula. Deep down I know I'm being the best mother I can, but it still breaks my heart.

So, to get to my have any of you found donors? My friend is doing all she can. I've found two other we've gotten milk from, and the other are playing phone tag.

I've check with my midwife, pediatrician, lactation consultant, and web sites about of the donors is taking that. Another lead is taking Allegra. All my resources say that it's ok....any transfer rate in breastmilk is very minimal, and my baby wouldn't be getting the amount that theirs are, since it's not his only source.

Do the benefits of breast milk outweigh risks? Thoughts? I'm leaning towards yes, but would like to put the question out there.

Thanks for letting me vent....any help would be appreciated!!!!

p.s. Turboclaudia - I'd love to chat with you - how do we share contact info?
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