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I need all your thoughts suggestions/support.......<br><br>
A little about me, I am 26 and work for the govt. make good money. I currently work for a Fire Department where I work a combo of shifts and ALWAYS work weekends. I get a base pay plus a benefit of night pay and Sunday pay.<br><br>
My living situation is going to change, meaning I will no longer live with my DP meaning I will not have the help with day care when I am working nights and weekends.<br><br>
The new job is M-F set hours, no nights and no weekends and no holidays.<br>
It is the right move in all directions minus financially.<br><br>
I will be losing about 300-400 a month going to this new job.<br><br>
What would you all do?<br><br>
Any ideas on Work at home stuff that really works and doesnt cost you TONS of money to start?
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