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Need advice on a good, easy user friendly back wearing sling

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i just got a job yesterday where i can bring ds (8.5 mos.) - woohoo!!!! i have an over the shoulder baby holder that i use frequently with him, but it is not very user friendly and i don't see how i can possibly get him on my back in it (and definitely not by myself). i really think he would enjoy being on my back while i am working, just checking things out. does anyone know of a good, easy, user friendly carrier/sling where i could put ds on my back (by myself)? it needs to be pretty comfortable because ds is over 21 pounds and is still growing like crazy.

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I like the wrap style slings. I have an ellaroo but I hear that Storchenweige and didymos are better, just out of my price range. i can get dd in and out by myself. i have also heard the ergo is very comfy, but have never used one. Here is how I get dd in and out by myself. It took me a few days of practice but now it is second hand and sooooooooo comfy cause the weight is not all on my shoulders.
I think that wraps are incredibly comfy. For ease of use, though, it's hard to beat the Ergo.
I've never used one, but I think the Ergo would be your best bet for user-friendliness. Otherwise, I think mei tais are great for back carriers w/bigger babies. I use mine all the time w/my 14mo old. Sometimes I wear her for hours and she does great. My favorite is my Napsack. Good Luck!
I say try an Ergo. They're so comfy and easy to use. My dh got our 5 month old on his back by himself the first time he used it.
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