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Need advice on CDing

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I am buying a house so I will have a washer and dryer finally! Well, with this transition, I have been thinking more and more about cloth diapering, but I know nothing about it. DD is nearly 7 months and I don't know if there are issues with their skin when you change. Also, how often do you have to change a CD, what is an econmical way to get started, and how much of what do I need?
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Congrats on your new house! I don't have any skin problems using CD's. We change DD's diaper about every 2 hours, except during the night.
I use prefolds (a very economical choice) with a combo of Bummis SWWs and prorap covers. I have 24 prefolds and 6-7 covers, which is more than enough when I'm washing every 2 days. I usually run out of prefolds before covers. We also have a few Fuzzi Bunz that we use for nighttime.

I too was confused about all the sites that tell you how much you need to buy. You might want to try a few different types of diapers before committing to one system. The trading post is a great place to buy used dipes.
I switched to cloth when DS was 15 months. I started with 2 dozen chinese prefolds which cost me $36, some snap wool covers and a few fitteds I scored cheap from Ebay. The only change I noticed was that DS stopped having diaper rashes!

We just started a few months ago as well...

I would say for $$$ wise...Use the Tp to try some out and see what you like!!!...

My ds is 2 years old and I have maybe 25 diapers for him...I wash every 2 days...Some will say you need more...You just have to find what works for you...

I have a few of everything expect prefolds...Just couldn't swing them...

Hope that helps a little Mama and Good Luck...Once you make the change you will never look back!!!!!
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